Vicki uses watercolours to paint her characterful animals, which are also available as prints, greetings cards and other items.


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My name is Vicki Star and I am a children’s illustrator based in Cheltenham. Originally from Weston-Super-Mare, I began drawing from a young age but it wasn’t until moving to Cheltenham that I also made the move to do my art full time. In 2014 I created BEEautiful Creatures - a bunch of little teeny watercolour animals who make a lot of mischief!


About Beeautiful Creatures


Beeautiful creatures started out years ago as an idea for a children's book but didn't really come to life until the end of 2014 where "Beau" made a comeback, jumping onto the pages on sketchbooks and demanding for more friends to play with! Now these little creature's are multiplying and the more the merrier!


We now have an ever growing range of gifts, nursery art ,cards and much more for kids of all ages.


One of our new ranges are our New Paper Cuts, which consist of layered archival prints which are cut by hand and framed.


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