Emma creates cushions; each one is a unique combination of traditional printing techniques and vintage materials.


Emma Boyne



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A wedding present given to us a very long time ago now! sparked off my curiosity with the humble printing block and the collecting began!!


I didn’t actually  attempt to use them as they were originally intended until about 10 years ago when I was asked if I could make a cushion for a holiday cottage by the sea.  Several more designs came and went and then a request for a personalised wedding cushion for a friend began my journey to make fun unique presents for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, new homes and new babies.  I have had the pleasure of making a cushion each for the three Royal babies too!


Every cushion is different in layout, colour and the fabrics I use, making them unique.  The design has a tendency to evolve depending on what blocks I have available and what I need to write. I hand print onto vintage or new linens in a colour that compliments  the fabric that has been chosen for the reverse.

All are washable.


I have made a specific design for the village of Bourton-on-the-Water (where I live ) which incorporates the Famous Brum, the bakery on the water, river, bridge and the infamous ducks.


I play around with the letters to create a reasonable image which can be easily recognised (hopefully!)... great fun to do but very time-consuming. I find each design an enjoyable challenge and on a sunny day my back garden can be a sea of Printers type as I am searching for just the right size block for a certain space.


I am spurred on by the genuine surprise and pleasure of the recipients and have had lovely photos and comments over the years thanking me SO much for their truly unique present which they will treasure.  These cushions are making their way slowly around the globe, which is a lovely thought.


For the shop I am working on a smaller eclectic mix of fun cushions (easy to pop into a suitcase I hope!), individually Hand Printed  greeting cards, animal silhouette 12”x20” cushions, dogs, cats, hares etc and for the winter I will be doing a good selection of Draught Excluders using some lovely sturdy linens, tweeds etc.  - great presents - so keep a look out, I can also personalise those too.