Chris makes delicate silver jewellery created using silver clay pressed with lace or fresh leaves, and some semi-precious stones.


Chris Warren

 Christine Laura Jewellery


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Chris designs and makes individual pieces of jewellery using silver clay and semi-precious stones such as a aquamarine and Chinese turqoise.  She uses sterling silver chains and ear wires to finish the pieces so that the final design is all of the same quality.  She currently has two main design themes running through her work:


To make the real leaf pieces she takes real leaves and uses a layering technique with liquid silver clay.  When it is fired, the leaf is burnt away leaving an exact and unique replica.  Leaves that work well with this technique are scented geraniums, Chris enjoys the perfume whilst working... though the scent disappears at the firing stage.


The lacy jewellery is inspired simply by Chris' love of lace and her feeling that lace and silver are a combination that works well.  Her hearts and lace designs would lend themselves to bridesmaid gifts and wedding jewellery.


Chris is happy to take commissions for jewellery, however as everything is individually handmade there is natural variation from piece to piece.  

Unfortunately, Chris is unable to trade at the moment.